Friday, February 27, 2009

jaz edited version onlie..^^

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hmm so bowink here..

Okie 4 now I wanna 2 show u my eppy femli…

Wanna rid dis o not..

Arh I dun care..

Rid dis 4 me yah??..


Frst of all,

Wanna introduce bout my lovely parents…

My dad: rohani bin ali

My mom: ct zaharah md nor

Dis pixs show dat they’re lovely couple of da yer,isn’t it??


Ahha, da 5 twins… :)

So cute rite when we r child??

But I sure dat all of us r becoming very2 cute now..


P/s can u find me??

My sis..da frst 1..

Her nem is rozaemmah but some people will

called her rozza, xaem,n imah.. but I called

her as “along”..her bufday is on 20th dec’86..

now she work at…erm I forgot alredi..but 4

sure she is working at Selangor.. she likes 2share her salary wif me..hehe..mybe~~~

now,tyme 4 my bro..

marwan is his nem…I called him as “angah”..

but when I get angry 2 him, I wil kol him as

“beruang”..dunno y..pity 2 himJ

When I’m child, I alwayz fight wif him..

n as da result, 1 day, I hit him wif a very thick

dictionary..haha.. erm he was born on 8th april’88..

he work as a policeman at johor.. although he had

working alredi, but he really interested wif

my money too..ish3..wat 2 doe??

Hmm,my 3rd sis…

Her nem is azmira..other of us kol her “kakya”..

She was born at Kelantan on 20th april’89..

Now she is wif me..waiting 4 her stpm result..

Doin’ nothing at home…lalala~jas like me!

She reli wanna 2 further her stadi at univ. in

Sabah..p/s actually she wan 2 board a flight onlie.

Jas dat..! hihi

.. guess who is dis gurlz..

dis is ME!!

…little bout me…

-ct aishah rohani-

-13th February 1991-

-18 yers oldd-

-melaka da historical city-

-like 2 make everything dat intresting-


-4 out of 5-

-x-studen mjsc alooor gajah Melaka-

-live at tangga batu@stone stairs-

-wanna 2 be a doc…insyaAllah...-

-now waiting 4 spm result ~neves here~

-pray 4 my success 2 get 9 1A’s keyh-

-like romantic song..hehe..da slow 1..(not 2 slow k)-


laz but not least…

-love 2 watch corean movies!!-

C u soon n

c.u.d.i.p.t !! (“,)

Dis is my younger sis.. not so young actually,.hehe

Can kol her as Salmah..but we jas kol her adieq..

Simple rite?? she is study at SMK IJC in fom5..

Jaz dat bout her,..nothing 2 say~~

~~dats all 4 now~

Till mit u all again in da nex post yah..

Tired alredi lorh..

nid 2 slip..


Friday, February 20, 2009

my boyz clasmet...huhu
so epi yah!!

if i can,, if larh,
i wanna 2 be wif all my bes fwenz again...
like~~mira abu bakar> erma> ummi> yan> syiema> n everybody who noe me...

miz all of them every single night :>>

my rum8 2007- ika bola,yan,n ima ^^ p/s miz me o not?? ",
my rum8 2008- kak ika(hehe), faz n shana...2 faz plis be quiet keyh??=)

my eag 4biotech 07- sida_my mento, haikal, zabir(like 2 fight wif me:) n anip
my eag 5forensics 08- salman_my mento(bespwen 2), mas, azmal n apiz

so now,
i wanna show u some of my memories wif my fwens at my beloved college


hope 2 enjoy da moments!!

wif my beloved principal of mjsc AG,

our 1 batch after dinner nyte...
kip on lukin' at da pixs
find me!!
p/s if u can c me larh...=)

in da clasrum...
-prep tyme-

y apiz luk sad.?..dunno wat happen 2 him..

my clas nem...

but, laz yer...dis board broken...hehe
so noti...(",)

dis is my clasmet...all of them are veri cute...
xpecially me...ahaks!

dis pixs we took after we f done clin up our clas 4 spm...
soooo tired u know...ehm...
but its a great tyme 4 us...
jaz look at the pixs how epi we r??

dis is our pixs when we graduate...
wif my beloved excel~~huhu

tyme in da chem labs...(",)

dis is my clasmet...
da laz 1...
so sad;(

jaz helping myself at home!!!

everyday, every minutes and every hour....
....guess wat??

...i jaz sit nex 2 da television and my sis laptop...
dunno wat 2 du...

jas help my mom n dad at their shop every evning...only dat...

then a great idea cum in2 my mind!!

wat if i create my own blog!!

mybe its jaz look simple 2 u (2 them who have their own blog only~)
but 4 me...
it is very interesting (",)? right??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~nothing 4 dis few days~

dis few days i jas sit infront of my comp...
guess what??

-i doin nothing lorh-

sooooo bored u noe...

but i will put some new things on my blog...

not now,,erm 2morow mybee..>=)

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